Are you at a crossroads and filled with uncertainty?

We help people develop confidence and overcome fear.

Our approach at My Destiny Life Coaching is to help you find the inspiration and vision to restore the dreams  you once felt.

While change can be disruptive, it is an opportunity to create a new beginning.

My Destiny Life Coaches will be your guide,  listening without judgment to things most  important to you.  With  honesty, intuition , coaching skills, trust and confidentiality we will  work together to rebuild your vision of your life.

Discover your needs, and core values.  Working together we will create a map for you to follow, with clear doable steps to reach the life  you want.  We will also discuss challenges you may face you,  Destiny Life Coaches will guide you to overcome those challenges turning them into successes.

We will help you stick to your resolutions by holding you accountable for actions you have agreed to take.

Our Coaches will  help you to restore balance in your life, helping you become consciously  aware of  negative words continually repeated in your head that  affect your self-esteem and determination.  Your reactions to these words and thoughts determines the choices you make in life.  Self talk tells you deserve less,  so you settle for less. We will help you see how your self defeating words hold you back in life,  giving  you suggestions and tools to overcome the negative self talk.

By clearly Identifying your vision you will no longer be a victim of circumstances, you will choose your life’s direction.

Affiliate member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

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