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Life Coaching For Women NYC - My Destiny Life CoachingAre you too bone tired to do one more thing, answer one more text, take one more step, or bring the kids one more glass of water?  Life Coaching For Women is your answer!

Are you struggling with changes in your life, fearful of moving in new direction? We help woman overcome fear of change and transform their lives.

At My Destiny Life Coaching, Life Coaching For Women  we will guide you to take control of your future, and help you discover the life you deserve, whether you are a housewife, mom, soccer coach, or CEO.

As our identity of student, wife, parent, career woman, caretaker, change during our lives we must change and redefine ourselves for the roles we find ourselves in at the moment.   Our thoughts of who we believe we are shift as our life changes. This can be scary.  At times we get stuck, held hostage by our history and our own judgment’s.

With Life Coaching For Women, the Coaches at My Destiny Life Coaching will help you over those self judgments.  They will provide crucial, honest and positive guidance. Our coaches will help you explore all your all of your options, allowing you make the choice that is right for you.

“One morning I woke up and knew I couldn’t go on. My mind and body wouldn’t cooperate. I knew I had come to a screeching halt. I thought of a friend who had gone to a coach and knew this is what I needed. With three boys under the age of 5, I could no longer remember if the college educated, “I’m all it” woman still existed. It seemed my life was consumed each day picking up toys, mediating fights, cleaning and cooking, not to mention the daily trips to the grocery store. My husband says all I do is complain about everything, every day. By the time bedtime rolled around, my promise to me to read or write or just watch a movie disappeared. The thought of doing any of them was like running a 10k race. I contacted My Destiny Life Coaching and have had several sessions now. Working with Jean has led me to a place where I can see I have to honor myself and spend time doing things that I enjoy. Working with Jean has helped me see that my kids and husband will be fine if I take time for me, even if it’s for a nap. I have reconnected with a few sorority sisters and a girls only trip is in the planning. I am very happy! I can’t recommend Jean highly enough, she helped me find the woman buried beneath dishes, cleaning, and caring for my kids!” Annette P.


Starting over is a scary thing, asking yourself “who am I and where do I go from here” can be especially scary when we don’t know if we’re headed in the right direction.  Our Coaches at My Destiny Life Coaching  will go on this journey of discovery with you.

Are you ready to create the next chapter in your life, making a conscious choice of how you want to live, not just let life happen to you?  Do you have courage and commitment to take positive steps forward and put your ideas into action? 

Do you want to recognize and eliminate your energy drains and emotional blocks, plainly visualize your dreams and define your values?  Do you want to set clear boundaries, clarify your vision and your life purpose?  The professional coaches at My Destiny Life Coaching will guide you to stop struggling with the fear of change and fear of the unknown and commit to take the actions needed to reach your goal.

Whatever your goals, contacting us today brings you one step closer to balancing your life, career and visions and desires for your new life.

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