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Recovery Coaching NYC - My Destiny Life CoachingHave you asked yourself “Is this all there is in recovery?” Do you feel you awoke from a dream to find a world of beauty but you don’t have the key to enter?

What if you had an experienced guide, a recovery coach, to help you beyond to incorporate the 12 steps into post recovery life?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, “Now What”?  “What do I want my life to be like in sobriety” How can I reclaim the life, the opportunities, and dreams I lost in my addiction? How can I become that person the I wanted to be when I grew up?

My Destiny Professional Recovery Coaching is for you.

We help men and woman overcome the fear that holds them back in life and sobriety.

Our coaches will help you bring to life the vision you have for yourself, to move beyond just getting by,  just doing OK,  and help create a roadmap to reach the life you deserve.

“I was in recovery for almost two years, I was attending meetings and talking to my sponsor daily, I was proud of what I had accomplished, but I just didn’t have any direction or idea of where my life was going.  A friend suggested I call My Destiny Life Coaching.  She worked with them in the past, successfully moving into the life she always wanted.  Jean, at My Destiny Life Coaching was so easy to talk to, and she asked questions that made me think about my deepest thoughts, how I envisioned my future when I was 7 years old, the I’m going to be a nurse, a teacher thoughts.  Working together I was able to see that my life wasn’t over, that I could take positive steps, sometimes very little steps, like climbing up a very tall ladder, one rung at a time to get to the top.  Working with Jean allowed me to see all those possibilities were still open to me in my future.” Lynn B.

A Professional Life Coach will help you discover your own path to personal  growth with self-compassion that will reduces your anxiety, make you more resilient in the face of challenges, help you see through your own eyes the joy, passion and fulfillment available now that you are in recovery.

Putting down the substance was difficult , dealing with life, with what’s going on in your head, without zoning out with alcohol or drugs takes real courage and inner strength.  Recovery is challenging.

Dealing with life as it comes takes great courage to believe in yourself again,  putting the words of self sabotage out of your head is all easier said than done.   Trying to change everything in your life at once is frustrating and overwhelming.  The role of a good professional recovery coach is to help with that frustration, and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

My Destiny Professional Twelve Step Coaches will reinforce your self worth and the belief in your capability to achieve the life you deserve. You will discover excitement of seeing life without the blindfold of addiction that’s clouded your world.  You will be motivated to take actions and be accountable for the goals you have chosen and agreed to work toward.

Whatever your goals in sobriety, contacting me today brings you one step closer to healing your body, healing your mind, and reaching your objectives and desires for your new life.

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