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Relationship Coaching NYC - My Destiny Life Coaching“Your not listening to me!” “Stop talking over me!” “That’s not what I meant.” “Your not paying attention to me!” “What do you mean by that?”Have you heard these words before?

 Communication is the cornerstone of all relationships, with your spouse, your partner, your boss, your children, the clerk at the grocers or the dry cleaner.  Communication matters.  Relationship Coaching will help you with your relationships!

When two people get together with very different communication styles and  expectations, and different ideas about their roles in a relationship, its not surprising that they sometimes experience disappointment, anger, frustration and confusion.  Relationship Coaching will help you with these problems.

Most of us have stubborn, hidden, emotional and conversational blind spots.  We don’t hear the words we use, or hear our inner thoughts that effect how we interact with other people.  These thoughts and words affect the way we see people we meet, work with, date, live with, and marry.  We expect things to go a certain way, our way, when that  doesn’t happen we blame the other person, blind to the part we play in our crumbling relationships. My Destiny Relationship Coaches will help you become aware of  these blind spots, help you eliminate them, and assist you in creating a compassionate, trusting, caring, accepting relationships with everyone in your life.

“When my boyfriend and I first met, I had my own ideas and plans for my future, but almost without me knowing it, I ended up in a place where his ideas about “our future” replaced my ideas. Working with Jean has been one of the best decisions that we have made. I now see the value of my independence and ideas as important not only for me, but for our relationship.  As a result of our work with Jean, our relationship is doing much better, and we both feel much happier and much more comfortable about where we are at now, and where we are going in the future.” Jeanie B.

I deserve to be treated better than I am being treated. I hate being taken for granted.

Do you feel disconnected, ignored, invisible, not listened to or misunderstood in your life and your relationships?  My Destiny Life Coaches will help sort out the pieces of your relationships with other people in your life and see through the veil of fear and distrust that blocks our communication with other.

Working with our coaches will allow you to experience the piece of mind, confidence, and trust needed to create a healthy relationship with others,  leaving you feeling hopeful.  Happiness will return, the laughter, enjoyment, and contentment you once felt in your relationships will be restored.

Wherever you are in your relationships with family, friends and loved ones, contacting us today will  bring  you one step closer to the trusting, comfortable relationships you want.

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